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Subject: The Secret of My Success
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austin69 9.10.10 - 05:46pm
fox460.jpg The secret of my success. Here's a brief success true story of how I turned my life with the helpful tips from whispersoflove. It's a dream come true. You can do the same.

How did I do it?

I've been asked that question over and over again. I guess you're here on this page because you too desire success and figure you can learn a thing or two from whispersoflove who's been there.

The secret of my success . . . let's begin the journey.

I will make this as brief as possible.

Let's start with my interest, my passion.

I love family. I love friendship. I love caring, loving, and peaceful relationships. I spent much of my time reading topics of whispersoflove about the relationship building tips, making good friends and how to become rich and many more informally.

Friends, acquaintances, and neighbors were often amazed at how much I knew. Then I would also give examples and examples of real life stories supporting my top position which i accquired by reading and understanding the real fact topics of whispersoflove.If you understand that, and agree to learn from topics of whispersoflove, you will be successful at whatever you do.I established a pattern. For every point I made, I had a story to back it up. In no time, people started to listen.I am the listening type. I'm prepared to listen to anything anyone has to say. As long as you're willing to talk about it, I'm willing to listen. Consequently, my reputation grew. People talked to me. I listened. Then I offered suggestions and proffered solutions. They left happier than they were when they came to me. I became sort of an informal relationship expert.Somewhere along the way, it dawned on me that this is what I was born to do with the help of whispersoflove topics.My pre-occupation is to put a smile on someone's face. I'm passionate about helping people win . . . about helping people overcome personal problems and developing a sense of worth and pride. My goal is to make somebody happy.This is what I was born to do. This is my passion. So, how do I reach a wider audience? The whispersoflove topics has huge potential to explode my relationship consulting. So I jumped at it.Whispersoflove that promised instant results.Most were get-rich-quick strategies,good love relationship and how to make nice friends that really worked.Think about it. After a long search, I found this group whispersoflove. I thank the owner of whispersoflove and members who contributed to the topics for making me a succesful man today. *

jyoti24 10.10.10 - 01:13pm
well done man *

shawn319 18.10.10 - 02:54pm
tumblr_lat6jbClAV1qc5nmf.gif Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be *

lawonda 20.11.10 - 08:33pm
WoW! If this is real then i want 2b successfl2. Any vacancies? *

anshul26 21.11.10 - 06:34am
i wish u all happy and sucessful life. Never let your confidence down. Enjoy your life at yours best *

nelson34 4.04.12 - 11:34am
Best group i ever seen.. lots of interesting topic.. u really changed my life *

burself 4.04.12 - 08:09pm
i agree,da best group! Da topics r awl insightful n helpful.... *

jjosh 15.04.12 - 09:29pm
thanx nleson.ur welcome *

voilet 29.04.12 - 08:00am
Thanks to the owner of this group for giving us wonderful tips and making my life better *

anshul26 30.04.12 - 07:30am
Thanx voilet my pleasure and will update with new topic to help u more better *

jjosh 7.05.12 - 09:18pm
good and helpful,thax thanx *

tuh 19.09.12 - 11:07am
Great man m learning out of ur instruction *

adonna 26.03.13 - 06:24pm
u have inspired me much im having some challenges an i love the group so much *

krushna2 24.04.13 - 02:49am
Great group so many good topics . I feel like reading again n again. I bet it will change my future. Thanks to members of whispersoflove *

xindiax 16.05.13 - 01:10pm
Interesting topics i love it *

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